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More on XML and SQL

As mentioned previously Select * from table for XML auto creates one element for each row, with all the values as attributes Select * from table for XML auto, elements creates an XML fragment with a collection of nested elements … Continue reading

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SQL select to XML

There are a couple of different ways to deal with getting XML out of MS SQL. A nice post from “beyond relational” by Madhivanan  is this:  The URL is a bit messy. The SQL code is this: (notice if the XML … Continue reading

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to put it shortly

to put it shortly, i ‘escrewed’ up and renamed every course in Blackboard the same name.  It must be a popular course. I was able to rename the current courses (year 2012) from the original course creation files, but we determined that … Continue reading

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Here a schema, there a schema, everywhere a bad schema

This sql query will create a temporary table that will contain the whatever (gradebook_translation_pk1) for any schema that does not mean Academic Affairs standards. It seemed necessary to put the upper and lower bounds on separate lines. We join the … Continue reading

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