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MS SQL 2014 cardinality estimator

Apparently, MS SQL 2014 has a new cardinality estimator. Goodie. Ah, what was the old one? And why is it a cardinal and not a blackbird or robin? The Query Optimizer picks among one or more query plans to pick … Continue reading

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string and not a string

The ‘preferred’ way to send email to several people from powershell is to use the send-mailmessage cmdlet.  In our environment, the server needs to be identified as an acceptable server (that is done in a group in the BigIP local … Continue reading

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photoroster and attendance

We have a page of students for each class.  It is currently done in asp/vbscript, although that could change.  Boss wants to turn this into an attendance form.  Click on the student image and mark them as present/absent.  I initially … Continue reading

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