There is potentially a need for logging in order to debug and to follow script execution over time.  we can, when developing, use write-output and write-verbose to see what is going on, and when we are running, we can either start-transcript/stop-transcript or write to the windows log to get information.  But there also is the opportunity to use log4j – i mean log4net library.  This is used (the java version) in our former BB installation, and in lots of other places.  Jim christopher has a set of posts about this on his blog (using C#) and a Plurasight course on it.  There also are a number of other blog posts about using it specifically with powershell.  there certainly are places that i could use it – either to monitor execution of a script, or to get intermediate values (counts of objects, et al) that could be stored and later used to follow changes.






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