find a file, copy a file

If we pull all the BB courses content exchange archive log files together, we can have a lot of them.  For each course, there is a the log file and the _detailed.txt file formatted like

and BatchCxCmd_archive_AR101A_12JA_detailed.txt

If we  have a list of courses for which we want to accumulate the above archive logs, we can do that with powershell. Get a list of the courses we want, and save it in a text file.  Now, if necessary, extract the archive logs into one or more directories.  We will have at least 2xs as many files as course, plus an invoke and a BatchCxCmd file.

Now – first step.  Read the file of courses into an array.

$courseArray = @()
gc e:\blackboard\apps\snapshot\bin\psscripts\60list.txt|foreach {
$courseArray += $_

Next – read the directory or directories of of the logs with getchild-item.  This output is a directory object, so we need to extract the “name” of the file.  Next – the name is not the same as the course, so we need to deal with that – use replace() on the name.

$files=gci E:\blackboard\logs\archives\errors\content-exchange
$files|foreach-object {
$fname = $
$cname = $fname.replace("BatchCxCmd_archive_","").replace(".txt","").replace("_details","")

We have taken the file name and extracted what should be the course id in $cname. If this messed-up name matches one of the course-ids in the array, copy it to a suitable location.

Now we are concerned that a course might not have been archived, or that it is not in a particular folder.  If we get either the txt file or the details.txt file, we know we have a hit, and we could construct the path to both items.  But since after working on the name, either of the two files will match the course id; (replace(“details”,””) will either work on details, or not work and fail sliently on the shorter .txt file), so we can run the entire list and look for matches.

After we get a match, copy the file from $ to another location.

if ($courseArray -contains $cname)
copy-item `
E:\blackboard\logs\archives\errors\content-exchange\$ss `         e:\blackboard\apps\snapshot\bin\psscripts\moveit

Find the moveit folder with 2xs the number of txt files as courses, zip it up and send it off.


Other enhancements could be to directly access the archives logs in the zip archive folders, and to use data on the clipboard instead of reading in from a file.

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