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name that course

In managed hosting, some of the course names seem – different from that which we archived. to confirm that without restoring a local copy of the course, i found and opened the archive zip file.  There is an entry in … Continue reading

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find a file, copy a file

If we pull all the BB courses content exchange archive log files together, we can have a lot of them.  For each course, there is a the log file and the _detailed.txt file formatted like BatchCxCmd_archive_AR101A_12JA.txt and BatchCxCmd_archive_AR101A_12JA_detailed.txt If we  have … Continue reading

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to put it shortly

to put it shortly, i ‘escrewed’ up and renamed every course in Blackboard the same name.  It must be a popular course. I was able to rename the current courses (year 2012) from the original course creation files, but we determined that … Continue reading

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monitor logs for errors

Each time a Blackboard course is archived, there is a log file generated.  Actually a log and a detailed.log file.  If something goes wrong, errors are logged – and the bad one is “FATAL”.  This can be associated with a … Continue reading

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