blank slate

it is easier to remove than to add.  this will support -whatif, -comfirm, -verbose and -debug
Get BB data and do something
Get contents of BB enroll file on bb-app72. Splits loads into hashtable comma
separated list of courses as value and student id as key. Calls get-dn function
for each key in hash and splits the value of the value and iterates over them
to putex into AD. Updated for 11FA
#—– functions ———–
function name {
if ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess(“localhost”, “this might be a mistake”)) {
// code

$end= get-date
#—– main———–

$start= get-date
($end – $start)

Jeffery Hicks, in a webinar (citation here) shows how to extend the ISE.  Actually, he is showing some functions that he wrote – one of which is called “function Insert-Author” – which defines a text block that will be inserted into the editor when you run it.  The critical line of code is


which of course could be all or parts of the above.  Next he suggests putting a menu option into PowerShell so that you can run the function from the menu instead of the command-line.

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