outta space – again

We ran out of space on ANOTHER server again.  I wrote a script to remove entries in the tomcat\temp directory, but that was just for ‘my’ snapshot server, and hadn’t had time to extend that to the others.  So we got errors.  Hopefully never again.  At least not if the errors are due to excessive temp file.  How about the accumulation of log files?  That issue is partly policy and partly notification.  I dunt due policy – but i can write a script to check for space.  And have already done that.  I did try, using the script i copied, to get into the pipeline to highlight small %free space, but that didn’t work with circa an hour of hacking, but i DO want to make it easy to see low disk space.  How about a graphic?

There are a couple of powershell posts on making graphs\charts with powershell.  Primalforms from Sapien Technologies has support for charts, via Microsoft Chart Control. Richard’s Weblog also uses Microsoft Chart control directly with Powershell (that post is 3 years old and appears to be his swan song…)

Jeffery Hicks (the lonely administrator) has two posts – one about writing to the console  and another about creating an HTML fragment as output.

Since i know how to get the data i want, and how to schedule a task, and at least on my server, i can automate email, i can use whichever one accomplishes what i want.  I can embed the html as an attachment or as body in an email, or send an email with a link to the latest ( or updated) html chart on the server.  One advantage of the attachment scheme is that i COULD process the attachment as save it as something in a noSQL database (such as MongoDB) so that we would have a record, and could potentially chart that data to get trends.  A point-in-time warning is nice, but a graph that shows how fast we are approaching that edge SHOULD be a useful visualization.

SO: 1) get the data, 2) put it into a useful presentation, and 3) get it to the people that should care about it.

1) getting the data is a WMI call and there already is a script to get what we need.
2) we are not certain of what is the ideal presentation method
3) depending on 2), we can send a daily email link or graphic to the BBTechnical team for them to ignore.

Step 4, logging this information for analysis is something that i want to do just because we should care and because i want to understand the appropriate technology and because this SHOULD be part of our operating procedure.

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