but what about ME?

“His name was Beck and he called himself “Dick”
But everyone knew her as “Richard”.

When i was growing up (ok, so my grandmother called me “Dickie”) my name was “Dick”. I kept it through Grad School. But when i started work here, i was introduced as “Richard” – it’s hard to tell someone “Hi, I’m Dick” at least in this community, so i became Richard. It is strange when people who knew me in grad school address me, and even stranger when my younger sister talks to my partner — who momentarily doesn’t know “Dick” that Linda is talking about.

I am a late middle-aged University-trained plant geneticist and physiologist (by night and in my dreams), working as a computer programmer/analyst.

But everyone knows me as a “System Administrator”.

My descent from the lofty heights of plant sciences started when i got an “A” in Fortran from Prof. George Furnival (one-time director of the Yale Computing Center or YCC), and went down hill from there. I never actually used Fortran for anything, but working at YCC, i did write exterprise-level Perl scripts and of course HTML.

Now, i still have some Perl running, but program mostly in C# for webforms and Powershell for work. I mean mywork work. I mean i get my work done, as any good programmer does, by being lazy and not willing to do the same thing three times without putting it into a script. That way i work a dozen hours so i can watch the script run for 5 minutes and do something that should take 30 minutes.

And my son got married last weekend. Life is good, until i have to retire. Remember: “late middle age.”

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